Anchovy / Anchois / Anchoa

Size / Calibre :

Whole / Entier / Entera

KG 45-55 pieces/pièces
KG 55-60 pieces/pièces
KG 60-70 pieces/pièces
KG 70-80 pieces/pièces

Why you'll love it

Trek’s Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system looks great and is super user-friendly: it fully hides the battery in the frame for protection, makes it easy remove the battery without tools and lets you mount a water bottle cage.

This bike expands boundaries: the top-notch Bosch system is equally suited to commuting, recreation, and a ridiculously fun time on the trails.

The Purion controller has Walk Assist and an intelligent eMTB mode that automatically delivers the right amount of power based on your terrain.

It’s equipped with an external charging port for easy charging on or off the bike.

You can boost your Powerfly’s utility by adding a rack and fenders, plus built-in wiring lets you easily install lights powered by the motor


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